Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cheers to the end of October.

I hope that everyone had an amazing weekend! Halloween is that one day of the year that it does not matter who you are. You can be who or whatever that you want. The 2nd night we went out, we represented the armed forces. Of course, I represented B and was the marine corps.

It is crazy that once again another month is coming to an end.  Time has been flying by, before we I know it I am going to be graduated and in graduate school.  So crazy to think about.  There is a lot to look forward in November though. My best friend turn's 21 on Tuesday, election day, B is making quite a few trips home. I love holiday seasons, not only because I get to see my family and go home for more than one day, B gets leave days and what is better than having free days off to visit with each other! Not to mention he was deployed last Thanksgiving, so it will be wonderful to have him home again this year. School work is building up and only 7 weeks to go, 6 weeks until finals. It will be here before we know it, then a whole month off of working, ski trips, family and friend visits, and hopefully some traveling.

Happy Sunday! LETS GO STEELERS! 

Friday, October 29, 2010

LOVE Halloween

As I am walking around campus (freezing since it is only a high of 40ish), I finally look at the trees and notice that its that time of year. It is rainy. Cold. The trees are beautiful for now, but in a week or so the leaves will all be gone and they will be covered with snow. I do not think I am ready for it this year. It most definitely snuck up on us. However, as much as I complain about all the badness of the weather, I LOVE IT. I do not think that I would want it any other way. I grew up in Western PA, and this is what I am used to.  This is home, no matter how far I move away. So this Friday I AM IN LOVE with the Fall season. ESPECIALLY HALLOWEEN.

Have an amazing and safe Halloween weekend! Don't forget to root on our STEELERS on Sunday Night!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

To drop or not to drop?

I have never dropped a college course. Well, freshman year I dropped Chemistry, but I knew I wasn't going to need it, so I wasn't going to make myself suffer and take an unneeded class. I have never dropped a college class, until now.  I did really horrible on my Nutrition and health test. It is not a hard class, but ONE I am a horrible test taker, and TWO i had an even bigger test to study for and i guess when it came down to it, I didn't pick this test to study for enough.  So my advisor said to drop it and retake it. That is so okay with me, I can focus on my other classes and keep my grades up.  However, I get nervous about what people thing. My major is competative, which has its positive and negative sides. This is of course a negative part.  My advisor made me feel it was okay, because she was the same type of student I am.  I like to have a lighter course load, so I can focus on my classes and do well. I used to not care what people thought about me, and the more and more I realize it, I THINK I DO. Which totally sucks! Because I don't want people to judge me or think less of me.  Its a stupid college class, not something that will change my life.  I am going to retake it.

As you can tell, I am totally stressed and ready for Christmas vacation. Only about 6 more weeks to go! THANK THE LORD!

(this post was clearly used to vent & figure out my life)

Great News!

B finally is getting promoted on Monday! I am so excited and proud for him.  He has been waiting so long for this and it kept getting postponed and delayed and then not happening until December.  But he called me yesterday for the first time is almost two weeks (since he is in the field), and said that on Monday it is finally happening! A lot of the people who work around him including his boss, screwed him over back in the spring (long story), so that is why it has been taking so long. He will finally be a Corporal. 
(obviously a throwback photo from bootcamp)

I am so excited for this month coming up.  Between B being home a few times, 21st birthday parties, Thanksgiving, and family and friend visits - I could not have more to look forward to.  Not to mention I got my schedule figured out for spring, which in itself is a HUGE load off of my shoulders.
So this is definitely in need of a celebration care package! Any ideas?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Homecoming Success

Homecoming Weekend was epic!  It felt so good to just let loose and hang out with my amazing friends.  We have all been super busy with work, school, and life in general it is hard for us all to get together and hang out like we used to.  It is crazy looking back on college years.  I am already a junior, and we are scheduling for the spring in two weeks.  Totally crazy if you ask me!  I swear like is on warp-speed and  in no way going to slow down soon.  I feel as if it was only last week I was a freshman in high school.

Well anyways, the weather warmed up this weekend, which was so nice since it has been freezing lately. We played corn hole, cheered on Rock Pride , and just had fun.  I convinced my dad to make me a corn hole set for spring so we can keep it up here @ my house at school.  Of course, I had to get up and work another 9 hour shift, but someone has got to pay the bills -right? 

I can not wait for next weekend now!  It is going to be another fun-filled weekend, and B said he may be able to come home if they get out of the field in time.  Which is always exciting news! I can't even remember the last Halloween we spent together. I am going to watch and open heart surgery this week and get some observation hours for OT school, which is exciting as well. Oh, and pumpkin carving and finishing up all of the Halloween costumes for the weekend!

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

2 Packages. 2 days.

I got 2 packages in 2 days from B! How exciting is that!  It made my week go from sad and lonely, to happy.  The one was all this Halloween decorations and fun games! Plus a hat & dog tags that I needed to finish off my Halloween costume for one of the evenings.  Then today I got candles, bath & body works, and this adorable mug that has a chalk board on it - saying I LOVE YOU in his writing of course! The one I knew I was getting, but nothing is better than getting a surprise package! It makes me feel so blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life.  He makes me feel so loved, even when he is typically 600 miles away.

This weekend is Homecoming!  I am so excited that I am finally here for it too. Freshman year I went to visit B, last year of course I worked, so this year I am going all out!  I am so excited! Also, one of my great friends is the kicker this week so what better way to celebrate then to watch our football team. Then next weekend is Halloween.  Another great weekend!  Before I know it, it will be veteran's day weekend and B will be home for a few days!  The only thing getting me through these next few weeks are going to be my friends and making great memories along the way

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let the Workups Begin

B started his first work up in a while this week.  I thought it was going to be easy, I thought it was going to be a breeze, but it has been only 2 days and I am already going nuts!  I do not know how I did 2 deployments in one year already, when I am struggling with two days.   I guess it must be that I have been so spoiled these past few months.  We have been able to travel and see each other once a month at least, except this month. So maybe this is why I am so sad and having such a rough time.
(B a few weeks ago)

I am sure I will be fine. I will get readjusted.  I survived 2; I can most definitely survive again. And not to mention once he gets home from this next deployment, HE IS OUT! Most likely anyways - his thoughts as of now.  We can move away and life will be great!

Off to some more studying - which seems to be all my life consists of these past few weeks.
Happy Hump Day! (or whats left of it)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I want a Sunday "Funday"

When I was a little kid, Sundays meant we got to do what we wanted.  We took trips to the zoo, the park, went to grandmas, etc.  Now that I am in college, I find that Sundays are only for studying, traveling home, or working.  I want nothing more than to be able to just relax on a Sunday and not have to worry about life for a few hours.  I want to be able to sit down and read a book and catch up on blogging.  Oh how life changes as we grow up. But for now, It is midterm week and homecoming week.  Of course I have been digging my way out of a hole and trying to make things off on my to-do list and finishing watching the Steelers Game which we are currently kicking the Browns' ass in. WHOOO HOOOO!  And  B just let me know he has a 96 over Veterans Day, so it will fortunately only about 3 weeks until I get to see my marine and not until Thanksgiving!

Happy Sunday!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Celebrating the Holiday

Apparently no one down south celebrates the holiday.  You know, Columbus Day, that everyone in the north seems to have off.  That is totally okay though, , because not only did I have an amazing weekend down in New Orleans I didn't have to miss any life back at school since I am on my fall break.  Unfortunately, I have to resume back to "real" life on Wednesday.  Here are some great pics of us at NOLA.  I checked a few things off my Bucket List. I went in the oldest bar in the Northern Hemisphere which was pretty legit if you ask me.

(Deanna, Drew & I fishing at his bosses old house that Katrina tore down)

(Preparing to go out to BOURBAN STREET)

(Dancing at the Maison on Frenchman)

(Obviously, I caught an Eel)

(One of the houses that Katrina ripped apart and the owners never returned)

(Go to MAKE IT RIGHT and see the amazing houses the Brad Pitt has been building and helping to fund in the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans. It is so amazing and to see how destroyed these people's homes were is heartbreaking)

(Getting my palms read.  My life is going to change for the better in 3 months and I will be making a huge career path change - but for the better - so we will see!)

(A few of the other  Habitat Members that live with Drew)

Hope everyone else had an amazing weekend!

PS: I started doing this thing, I am sure you have all seen or heard of it.  Where you take pictures of objects and architecture that look like letters.  It is really neat!  I took photos all weekend of letters and it is so wonderful to see the finishing touch!

What do you ladies think? Can you tell what it spells??

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I will be MIA for the weekend.  I am heading down to New Orleans until Tuesday.  I am so excited to just get away for the weekend and let loose with a couple great friends!  If you ladies have never been there, I highly recommend gathering up a group of friends and heading down soon!  It is one of my favorite cities to visit and nothing is better than homemade Creole food! During the day we typically volunteer for Habitat and then at night go out to the Streets of downtown NOLA.  Bourbon Street alone is an adventure in itself!

Here are a few pictures from last year's visit!
(everyday is dress-up day on Bourbon Street)

(St. Louis Cathedral - I would love to get married here someday)

(They have such a crazy and insane NightLife)

(Swamp Tours and Unique Nature)

(Two of the Best friends I could ever ask for - Drew lives in NOLA and works for Habitat for Humanity)

Do you have any cities you recommend visiting?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Really People?

Does anyone feel that there has been an awful lot of complaining lately?  Maybe it is just where I seem to be going or the people who are around me.  It might just be the fact that the weather went from being 88 degrees one week under 50 this week.  to It seems that no matter where I go, someone is complaining about something.  From boy problems, to class issues, or just not having anytime or professors being hard.  Really People? We are in college.  We all have exams.  We have a ton of things to juggle between work, class, and everyday life activities.  Yes life has its struggles, but there are so many people out there who have it worse off than us. You should embrace what you are given ad live life to the fullest. Complaining occasionally is totally fine.  I do it. We all do it.  But to complain day after day about the same exact stuff.  HONESTLY?  If you are just going to stand there and complain about it, nothing is going to change.  Since when does the bad stuff just go away?

Take your life into your own hands.  Make the change that you want to happen.  If you are overweight, then go to the gym.  If no one likes you, be nicer to people.  If you are tired, get more sleep.  I apologize for being a bitch, but take control of your life.

"Be The Change you Wish to See in the World" -Ghandi

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Care Package Time

Ever have one of those days when you do not think you will survive and make it til the next day.  Today was not one of those days, but just incase someone out there was.  Think about this quote.  It is one of my favorites and definitely has gotten me through many a days.

"You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.' You must do the thing you think you cannot do."

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Anyways, I was at the store today getting a heater (since it is already cold enough to see our breathe in my house), and since im a college student and have no money.  We found it would be more cost effective to have a few space heaters than to crank up our heater all winter long.  Especially since it is already frigid! So as I walked through the aisles, I noticed the abundance of Halloween treats everywhere. I had an idea. CARE PACKAGE TIME! Yes, it is that time again where I get to make and decorate a package.  Being that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays I went to town. Lots of orange and black of course, tons of candy, homemade cookies, spider rings and snakes, candy corn, decorations, and other goodies.  I know that he will never use the decorations, but its the thought that counts.  He loves getting packages and having that feeling of home.  So here is a little sneak peak of the top of this month's package.  I am so excited for him to get this one!

What was your favorite care package? And what do you like to put in them?

And if ya find some time, Check out my 2nd Blog!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Craving Christmas

Straight No Chaser - Christmas Can Can

Today on my way to my doctor's appointment which happens to be by my parents house.  So it is over and hour drive and I was digging through my CDs to play in the car and stumbled upon my Straight No Chaser Christmas CD.  I was in heaven! It was one of those moments when you just have to start jamming and singing at the top of your lungs.  I was thrilled that I had that CD in my car, even though I totally forgot it was there.  I highly recommend going to see them in concert if it is near you.  They really are fabulous and great performers.  

I just want Christmas to be here.  I gave my boss my Thanksgiving schedule today, which definitely means it is getting close, and I also ordered my Halloween costume.  The next few months are going to fly by, as they always do.

Christmas is my favorite time of year.  I love being together with all my family and friends and visiting with people we do not get to see that often.  Do you have a time when you feel Christmas music is appropriate?  What is your favorite holiday?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Why do good things always have to end?

Weekends are always the best and they always come to an end.  Which is the most unfortunate thing because it is such a great thing.  It is time to be with great friends and have the time of our lives with our loved ones.
It is so great to see friends that I do not see too often.  The people I got to see this weekend are people who I worked with all summer and my best friend from home who happened to go to the school we visited.  I love having those nights where you can just sit around and drink and laugh the entire time.  I am so grateful for the amazing people in my life.  I just wish that B could have been home to spend such a great weekend.  Thinking about all the amazing times that he has to miss because he is doing a great thing so it is hard to be upset.

I hope everyone had an amazing weekend! What all did you get to do?
 I'm off to watch the best football team play! 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Saturday!

I got to sleep in today - and by sleep in I mean 10am. Which totally feels great when I get up before 7am everyday. Started off the morning with laundry, is it bad that I am on the third load and still have a basket full that needs washed?  Next it was off to the girls to practice group fitness.  Yes I said group fitness!  It is not that I am not a fan, its just that I enjoy taking the group fitness classes, NOT teaching them.  Unfortunately, to be an Exercise Science major you must take an Exercise Leadership Class.  So of course, I have to take the class.  To make things worse - it is my 8am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  What a way to wake up and start the day to!  We are getting tested on teaching one combination on Monday.  I need to practice so that is what we did all morning.  I feel I am making progress, but its so discouraging to do something that you do not find fun that you must take to graduate.  We practice though and make the best of it.  Two of my best friends are in love with group fitness.  So they of course, LOVE teaching it and are instructors themselves.  

The rooms and I just got done making dinner.  We made Alfredo Lasagna.  Here is the recipe.  I definitely will let you all know how it tastes.  It looked and smelled delicious! And for a dessert later at a friends I made No Bake Oreo Dessert. Such a quick and easy dessert for on the go.  I put it in the mini-muffin containers so they are bite size and healthy portions!

Tonight I will be making my way to IUP - another local university - to visit with some friends from work.  I miss them so much and it is about time that we get together and have a good time!

What are you doing fun the rest of this first weekend of October?

Friday, October 1, 2010

I need help!

So all of you are fabulous bloggers!  I need some help!

I want to put tabs at the top of my blog.  So that I can have different titles.. like about me, a bucket list, or some other fun things.  

How do I make that happen?

Its October...when did that happen?

So this morning while I was totally not paying attention on my 9am, I look down at my phone patiently awaiting another text message from B and I realized it was October 1st.  Seriously, when did that happen?  I feel like every day that I wake up, it really has been an entire week.  Which excites me, yet terrifies me all at the same time.  I love how quickly our enlistment is moving along, and how fast it seems to go in between the days I actually get to see B.  But to think that in less than 4 semesters I will be done with my undergraduate degree, and HOPEFULY on my way to graduate school with B out of the Corps.  Over half of our relationship has been him in the marines.  The other half was when we were in high school.  I absolutely can not wait until we get to have a place of our own and him start his college career, but seriously SLOW DOWN!  I want to enjoy the rest of my undergrad, PLEASE!  Not to mention, its almost time for Halloween, and by almost I mean its within reach!  I haven't even started looking for my costume.  Me and the girls are going to be going as the Armed Forces, of course I will be repping the USMC.  I just feel as if before I know it, Halloween is going to be here and my costume won't have even been made.  Yes we are all  into actually making our costumes,  putting a little thought into what we got.  

Next friday I am going back down to New Orleans.  It is my fall break from Friday until Tuesday and one of my friends has been living down there for the past 2 years.  Last year while B was deployed, one of my best friends and I took a trip down and so we decided to do it again.  During the day we get to help build houses - which is rewarding and fun, and at night we take it to Bourbon Street, so some entertainment.  We are into the Jazz clubs for sure.  Last year, an old man taught me how to swing - of course I was absolutely horrible at it.  But it was so much fun!  It really is an amazing city!  I recommend everyone trying to get there at least once in your life.  Our spring break happens to fall over Mardi Gras this year as well,  but this time I will be spending my break with B since I am kinda blowing him off this month.

We typically see each other once a month.  It is my month to take a trip down to Jax, but we talked about it and he was alright with me skipping out this month.  He will be home at least two weekends in November, plus he was home 2 weekends in September.  So although it is upsetting I will have to go another 4 weeks before I get to see him again, what I will be doing in NOLA will be an amazing experience.  Plus B got his leave approved in December, so he will not be going out into the field for 20 days, he gets to come home and I'll finally be able to take him to another Steeler Game!  Last year because of deployment, he missed out on all the games.  And if you know him, he loves his Steelers!

Until I have another free minute,