Thursday, October 28, 2010

Great News!

B finally is getting promoted on Monday! I am so excited and proud for him.  He has been waiting so long for this and it kept getting postponed and delayed and then not happening until December.  But he called me yesterday for the first time is almost two weeks (since he is in the field), and said that on Monday it is finally happening! A lot of the people who work around him including his boss, screwed him over back in the spring (long story), so that is why it has been taking so long. He will finally be a Corporal. 
(obviously a throwback photo from bootcamp)

I am so excited for this month coming up.  Between B being home a few times, 21st birthday parties, Thanksgiving, and family and friend visits - I could not have more to look forward to.  Not to mention I got my schedule figured out for spring, which in itself is a HUGE load off of my shoulders.
So this is definitely in need of a celebration care package! Any ideas?

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