Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Catch up.

Well it surely has been a long time since I have been on here. With Woodland's summer camps ending and then my unforgettable trip to Haiti I really have just not had the time to sit down and write. So, catching you all up.

Summer Camp ended a few weeks ago, and as much as I am going to miss all of my campers, I really feel that it was a good way to end the summer. The campers and other counselors that work their are so amazing and they all played in part of making my summer amazing. It was a great way to go out, considering there is a good chance that I will not be going back next summer since I need to take a lot of classes next summer so that I can graduate on time and go to grad school. Then Haiti happened. I honestly do not have words to describe my life last week. Half of my heart is still in Cap Haitian. To see people who have so little have so much faith compared to the people of our country who have so much and no faith. It really is mind blowing. To see the children having an intense game of soccer, only to come home to no food and water that they can only drink a little bit of because it makes them sick, it really is heart breaking. When I went down I had two suitcases and when I left I only had my backpack. I left everything that I took down there, even if I wanted to bring it back, I honestly do not even think I would have been able to. We got into Cap Haitian after 4 flights and a night sleeping in Miami airport. We helped build a school and painted it and cleaned it up so that the kids could have something to look forward to each day. Most of the kids would do anything to go to school, it is so crazy to see the determination of all the kids and parents there. It is like they want what is best for their children, even if they know the education is horrible and the kids won't be able to get out of the country.

The girl at the top was honestly my best friend all week. She is three years old and her name is KekeCo. She came from such a loving family. It was only her and her parents, but her parents were well respected within the community and even though it was still poor living conditions, they seemed to be better off then a lot of the others in the village. The one with all of the boys is just a few of the local boys. They are obsessed with pictures. Most of them have never even seen what they look like, so once we got started taking pictures, it just went back and forth. Taking and then showing, taking and then showing! After awhile you think something so small would get old, but it never did. As a group we walked away with over 1000 pictures! The trip was absolutely wonderful up until the point where they did not put our entire group or another mission on the plane that we were supposed to, so for a few hours we were basically being thrown out into the streets of Port Au Prince and not getting a flight out until tuesday at the earliest! They were not supplying hotel or anything. Of course, 3 of the members from our group and 4 from the other got on the plane. But 4 of us and 15 of the other group did not. It was horrible. The only thing I could think was that we were gonna die or something was going to happen to us. I just wanted to find some type of US troop, but of course they were not around where we were because of all the nonsense in the streets. Needless to say, the only option was to buy a first class ticket on what was the only US flight left of the day to get into the states, where we could at least feel safe and call our families. So we went from the lowest of lows to the highest! We got to hang out in the nicest airport and airplane that I have ever been on. I felt famous! We bought a case of Haitian Rum - 5 bottles for $35! Crazyness! We finally got into Maimi, and after sitting stand-by on all of our Southwest flights, we got home into the burgh late Sunday evening.

Bryan gets to come home this weekend which is so exciting to me after a crazy summer at camp, crazyness in Haiti, and then this week of double shifts and literally no time til relax until Friday. School goes back the 29th, which is exciting, but I feel this summer has been so rushed I do not know if I am ready to go back. Then over labor day weekend, I will be heading down to J'ville, NC for the weekend to hang out on the beach with my boo before getting into the hardcore swing of things for the semester.

So, until I have another free minute,