Before I Graduate

My Bucket List
(to do before I graduate in May 2012)

Go Skydiving
Make a meal from a cook-book once a week
Travel International
Have an Ugly Sweater Party @ Xmas
Travel to New Orleans
Go to a Drive In Movie
Graduate College from SRU
Have my Fortune Read
Successfully Celebrate my 21st
Take A Yoga Class
Lay in the middle of a cornfield and watch the stars
Make a difference in a stranger's life
Go Salsa Dancing in Pittsburgh
Fish in the Gulf of Mexico
Get a 2nd tattoo
Get my concealed weapon permit   
Take a Trip to DC
Read the entire bible
Go Ice Skating Downtown with B
Do a Bar Crawl
Host a Halloween Party
Take a Trip to NYC
Ride the Incline w/ B
Adopt a dog from a shelter
Finish a Scrapbook of Undergrad
Get a 4.0 at least once
Get Accepted into OT School
Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity
Buy a New Car
Go to a Pens Game @ the New Arena
Host a Wine and Cheese Party