Monday, April 25, 2011

one month...down

We have at least some what of a landmark on this deployment, one month down. I cannot believe how quickly it went by, i mean each day was slow as molasses, but for some reason looking back it seemed to go pretty quick. It would have a lot to do with the fact that I am very blessed to be able to talk to him via email every other day at least, which has really been wonderful. I am attached to my phone all day long until that one email comes and then I grin from ear to ear for awhile, and then its back to the normal life of classes and work. I have 8 days of classes (including finals) and 10 days total of school left until summer, which I guess could be another minor landmark. Anything to keep me going day to day and just keep looking forward to the future.

Until I have another free minute,


Sunday, April 10, 2011

2 weeks down..

Two weeks into this deployment! I have been very blessed to be able to email every other day, if not everyday. This will all change soon, but for now it is wonderful! I have 3 weeks of classes and 3 days of finals and summertime will be here!

Today I got a break from work and studying to hang out with some amazing friends and see Ke$ha for free!

All I have to say is she is a nut and I love everything about her and her music. It was for one super nice outside! It was about 70 degrees and we were all a hot mess. Got to bust out a new dress, while obviously a few of my friends repped Ke$ha, wearing neon and craziness.


Today I watched "Coming Home" for the first time. I am in love. The show is so amazing. I cried the entire time, but happy tears. I forgot how happy homecomings are, and I have taken for granted how hard deployments are when there are so many families and children that go through missing their parents for many many months. Not that I don't miss B a ton and love the homecomings, I do not have it nearly as bad. I am blessed to have such an amazing support system too that helps me get through all of it.

Until Next time,

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Truely Blessed

I am truly blessed. I am blessed to have such an amazing life. I am blessed to have some of the greatest friends in the world. I am blessed to have such a supportive family and home life. I am blessed to have such a courageous man in my life, who is fighting for our freedom as we speak. I am blessed. 

Today as I was walking home from the library, freezing cold (because it is still under 40 degrees in April), I realized all of this. I feel horrible that I have not noticed this before. I had such an amazing weekend off from work and got to celebrate with some wonderful friends. It is always nice to let loose and enjoy a night off. We have 4 weeks of classes left and one week of finals. Summer can not come quick enough. And once again, I have been blessed with amazing opportunities in my career field and I will once again be working with kids and adults with disabilities. I am so excited for another amazing, learning experience - while getting to do something I love.

As for now, I am petal to the metal with work and classes. Busy keeping in touch with my marine and brainstorming up some great package ideas!

Until Next time,

Thursday, March 31, 2011

And we are off!

I have been in such a mood since B's last phone call at the beginning of the week (and it is only Thursday). Not even one week down. I forgot what it was like, but once reminded I remembered this feeling of emptiness. Even though we were typically 600 miles apart since school and where he is based, phone calls and skype sessions made everything easy. Plus our trips that we had often been making back and forth on weekends. Now it is just a waiting game. Next thursday marks one final year - due to the extension that was necessary to deploy once again. 

The first package is all packed up and ready to go, just need to make my way to the post office. With classes and work and life, I have had zero time to do anything. This is the first Easter we are spending apart since we started dating 5 years ago.

And if any of you are stuck in a mood because of the weather, I am right up your ally! Tomorrow is the first day of April and we here in lovely Pittsburgh, still have snow. For real! We have 4 weeks of classes and a week of finals and we are covered in snow. I am not a happy girl this week.

Soon enough everything will turn around....LET'S HOPE!

Until next time,

Monday, March 28, 2011

Deployment #2...check

Deployment was moved up. B and I are back together and happier than ever (minus the fact that there is a 10 month deployment in the way of us seeing each other). But in less than a year, he will be home and out of the USMC for good.

Please pray for B and the rest of the deployment as they travel for the next several months.

So for now, I am back in the countdown of when he will be coming home and I can run towards the buses to wrap my arms around him! After all, homecomings are the best part of the deployment...right?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Everything happens for a reason?

I have been so busy. My life has become a hot mess. As I said in my last post, B is getting deployed to Libya. . All I know is this deployment is going to be different than last deployment. So much more dangerous. So much longer. So much more alone.

We decided that we will no longer be together. We love each other. But we need to figure out own lives out, and then see where that takes us. We have been apart so long, we just learned to live with avoiding major parts of our lives. We learned to live without, yet with each other. We are going to see where this new road takes us. We are still going to keep in touch (as much as the USMC allows) throughout the next ten months. At the end of deployment, he then has a remaining 2 months in the marines and he can finally say SEE YA LATER and come one back home. We can see where we are in our lives and see where life takes us. I know this seems as if I am getting a 10 month "Hall Pass." Yet, it isn't. I could never. So then what are we? Basically our relationship is "on hold" for the next 10 months. I don't know what this means, or where it will take us.

So until then, I am going to stay positive. Enjoy the rest of this semester, summer, and fall. Figuring out where and what is going to happen for graduate school. Seeing where life takes me. Keeping a smile on my face.

Until next time, HAPPY 1st DAY OF SPRING!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Deployment #2

Friday AM, the bad news arrived! They moved what was supposed to be about a 7 month deployment to a 10 month deployment, and now they are leaving next month. Giving us one week to say our goodbyes, and they are off. Not to mention, it is to Libya! Seriously, of all places? Needless to say I will not be sleeping for the next 10 months, or however long they decide to keep them there. I am just besides myself, but I need to stay positive for him.

To be continued soon....