Sunday, March 20, 2011

Everything happens for a reason?

I have been so busy. My life has become a hot mess. As I said in my last post, B is getting deployed to Libya. . All I know is this deployment is going to be different than last deployment. So much more dangerous. So much longer. So much more alone.

We decided that we will no longer be together. We love each other. But we need to figure out own lives out, and then see where that takes us. We have been apart so long, we just learned to live with avoiding major parts of our lives. We learned to live without, yet with each other. We are going to see where this new road takes us. We are still going to keep in touch (as much as the USMC allows) throughout the next ten months. At the end of deployment, he then has a remaining 2 months in the marines and he can finally say SEE YA LATER and come one back home. We can see where we are in our lives and see where life takes us. I know this seems as if I am getting a 10 month "Hall Pass." Yet, it isn't. I could never. So then what are we? Basically our relationship is "on hold" for the next 10 months. I don't know what this means, or where it will take us.

So until then, I am going to stay positive. Enjoy the rest of this semester, summer, and fall. Figuring out where and what is going to happen for graduate school. Seeing where life takes me. Keeping a smile on my face.

Until next time, HAPPY 1st DAY OF SPRING!

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