Thursday, March 31, 2011

And we are off!

I have been in such a mood since B's last phone call at the beginning of the week (and it is only Thursday). Not even one week down. I forgot what it was like, but once reminded I remembered this feeling of emptiness. Even though we were typically 600 miles apart since school and where he is based, phone calls and skype sessions made everything easy. Plus our trips that we had often been making back and forth on weekends. Now it is just a waiting game. Next thursday marks one final year - due to the extension that was necessary to deploy once again. 

The first package is all packed up and ready to go, just need to make my way to the post office. With classes and work and life, I have had zero time to do anything. This is the first Easter we are spending apart since we started dating 5 years ago.

And if any of you are stuck in a mood because of the weather, I am right up your ally! Tomorrow is the first day of April and we here in lovely Pittsburgh, still have snow. For real! We have 4 weeks of classes and a week of finals and we are covered in snow. I am not a happy girl this week.

Soon enough everything will turn around....LET'S HOPE!

Until next time,

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