Thursday, October 28, 2010

To drop or not to drop?

I have never dropped a college course. Well, freshman year I dropped Chemistry, but I knew I wasn't going to need it, so I wasn't going to make myself suffer and take an unneeded class. I have never dropped a college class, until now.  I did really horrible on my Nutrition and health test. It is not a hard class, but ONE I am a horrible test taker, and TWO i had an even bigger test to study for and i guess when it came down to it, I didn't pick this test to study for enough.  So my advisor said to drop it and retake it. That is so okay with me, I can focus on my other classes and keep my grades up.  However, I get nervous about what people thing. My major is competative, which has its positive and negative sides. This is of course a negative part.  My advisor made me feel it was okay, because she was the same type of student I am.  I like to have a lighter course load, so I can focus on my classes and do well. I used to not care what people thought about me, and the more and more I realize it, I THINK I DO. Which totally sucks! Because I don't want people to judge me or think less of me.  Its a stupid college class, not something that will change my life.  I am going to retake it.

As you can tell, I am totally stressed and ready for Christmas vacation. Only about 6 more weeks to go! THANK THE LORD!

(this post was clearly used to vent & figure out my life)

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  1. I am an exercise Science Major as well, I took 21 credit hours my second semester and never again will I ever do that! I dropped a course for the same reason you did and I was so disappointed in myself, but I quickly realized that it was well worth it.
    Keep a positive outlook and christmas break will be here before you know it!