Monday, October 11, 2010

Celebrating the Holiday

Apparently no one down south celebrates the holiday.  You know, Columbus Day, that everyone in the north seems to have off.  That is totally okay though, , because not only did I have an amazing weekend down in New Orleans I didn't have to miss any life back at school since I am on my fall break.  Unfortunately, I have to resume back to "real" life on Wednesday.  Here are some great pics of us at NOLA.  I checked a few things off my Bucket List. I went in the oldest bar in the Northern Hemisphere which was pretty legit if you ask me.

(Deanna, Drew & I fishing at his bosses old house that Katrina tore down)

(Preparing to go out to BOURBAN STREET)

(Dancing at the Maison on Frenchman)

(Obviously, I caught an Eel)

(One of the houses that Katrina ripped apart and the owners never returned)

(Go to MAKE IT RIGHT and see the amazing houses the Brad Pitt has been building and helping to fund in the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans. It is so amazing and to see how destroyed these people's homes were is heartbreaking)

(Getting my palms read.  My life is going to change for the better in 3 months and I will be making a huge career path change - but for the better - so we will see!)

(A few of the other  Habitat Members that live with Drew)

Hope everyone else had an amazing weekend!

PS: I started doing this thing, I am sure you have all seen or heard of it.  Where you take pictures of objects and architecture that look like letters.  It is really neat!  I took photos all weekend of letters and it is so wonderful to see the finishing touch!

What do you ladies think? Can you tell what it spells??


  1. ciara? i think thats it! maybe? i had some trouble with the 3rd and last one. but very cool!

  2. yes thats it! it was hard to have the camera on us all trip so when we thought about it we made letters and there were some that just were impossible to make!