Thursday, October 21, 2010

2 Packages. 2 days.

I got 2 packages in 2 days from B! How exciting is that!  It made my week go from sad and lonely, to happy.  The one was all this Halloween decorations and fun games! Plus a hat & dog tags that I needed to finish off my Halloween costume for one of the evenings.  Then today I got candles, bath & body works, and this adorable mug that has a chalk board on it - saying I LOVE YOU in his writing of course! The one I knew I was getting, but nothing is better than getting a surprise package! It makes me feel so blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life.  He makes me feel so loved, even when he is typically 600 miles away.

This weekend is Homecoming!  I am so excited that I am finally here for it too. Freshman year I went to visit B, last year of course I worked, so this year I am going all out!  I am so excited! Also, one of my great friends is the kicker this week so what better way to celebrate then to watch our football team. Then next weekend is Halloween.  Another great weekend!  Before I know it, it will be veteran's day weekend and B will be home for a few days!  The only thing getting me through these next few weeks are going to be my friends and making great memories along the way

Happy Thursday!