Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Really People?

Does anyone feel that there has been an awful lot of complaining lately?  Maybe it is just where I seem to be going or the people who are around me.  It might just be the fact that the weather went from being 88 degrees one week under 50 this week.  to It seems that no matter where I go, someone is complaining about something.  From boy problems, to class issues, or just not having anytime or professors being hard.  Really People? We are in college.  We all have exams.  We have a ton of things to juggle between work, class, and everyday life activities.  Yes life has its struggles, but there are so many people out there who have it worse off than us. You should embrace what you are given ad live life to the fullest. Complaining occasionally is totally fine.  I do it. We all do it.  But to complain day after day about the same exact stuff.  HONESTLY?  If you are just going to stand there and complain about it, nothing is going to change.  Since when does the bad stuff just go away?

Take your life into your own hands.  Make the change that you want to happen.  If you are overweight, then go to the gym.  If no one likes you, be nicer to people.  If you are tired, get more sleep.  I apologize for being a bitch, but take control of your life.

"Be The Change you Wish to See in the World" -Ghandi

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  1. I agree! There are things to be upset about, but complaining in general is just plain annoying! You're right -- do what you can to fix the things you don't like! If you just whine all the time, you, well, annoy the people listening to you! haha

    Thanks so much for finding my blog & for joining! Glad to have another military gal around! I'm your newest follower!