Friday, June 11, 2010

Got Big News...

Of course today was the day I got the text of when Bryan will get deployed. He was telling me for a few weeks that it would be in December. Even though I was pretty bummed that when he got home he would still have 6 months left, I was so excited because for once he would be able to come home for my birthday, to top it off my 21st birthday. I found out that he is getting deployed next May. I got so excited that he would be home for my birthday and now he won't. In 3 years he won't have been with me on my birthday and then adding a 4th year next year on such a huge birthday. It really sucks, but once again I have no control over the lifestyle we live. On the bright side, as soon as he gets home from deployment, he will have only about a week until he gets out of the Marines for good. Which if I can add is the most exciting news I have ever actually heard. We only have 17 months left to go and I will have fulfilled my dreams by surviving through this whole time. It is so much harder to be in a distant relationship when you love someone as much as I do. If you really do want a relationship to work out and you love someone so deeply, you will be able to survive and live a happy life knowing that you struggled through some rough times and it has made you the strong, successful person that you are.

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  1. the life we choose to live is a sucky one. never knowing when something will happen but always knowing it WILL CHANGE. good luck on this deployment!