Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving Break

 Thanksgiving break finally arrived! I am so excited to be at home with my family and friends. Not to mention it just means 3 more weeks until the end of the semester. B is coming home tomorrow for the holiday. I am so blessed at how much we got to be with each other this month. It will just make up for the amount of work-ups that we will be doing the next few months prior to deployment. We are running a 5K in Pittsburgh, called the Turkey Trot, Thanksgiving morning. I am thrilled to have B by my side for this race. He has never gotten to run with me and he was super excited when he finally realized he would be home. 

The next few days will be full of family visits, friend time, and spending a few days celebrating and being thankful for all that we have with the love of my life. (and somehow squeeze in work everyday and a ton of homework due next week)


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