Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Love Letters

B has been having a rough time recently. He still has 16 months left of his enlistment. I live over 600 miles away. Most, if not all of the marines that he was close with have gotten out within the past 6 months. So it leaves him, being older than most in his unit and having all the new kids come. He has never had a problem fitting into a crowd, or even making new friends. I used to joke with him at the end of the day, if he had "made any new buddies." His roommate got out in May, and just this week had gotten another one. His best friend got out in January, and a few other of his close friends got out this spring. They went through two years together, and it is hard to imagine or deal with new people coming and going all of the time. I understand that it is what they do, but its lonely. I want to be there so badly too. Sometimes I wish that I went to school down near Jax so that I could be with him more and have a feeling of home for him. I wish that I could help him out or be there to come home to at the end of a bad day. So because I cannot, and I am dealing with everyday struggles of being a Junior in college, hoping to make my way into OT School I decided to write. It is the least I can do, since I already feel like a total fail of a girlfriend. I am writing love letters at least once a week. He got his first one in the mail yesterday, and just hearing his voice on the phone I could tell things were going to start looking up. I do not think that he hates the Marine Corps. I think that he would and will reenlist if I was nearby. To live over 600 miles away from everything that you have known your entire life, and to deal with shit that you need to do everyday in a typical Marine's life - It has to be draining and lonely. He also moved his room last week, and this new room gets even worse reception and horrible internet connection. Talk about bad luck on the poor guy. So these letters are memories and wannabe future memories together. They are there to make him think about all the amazing things in life that he has forgotten about.

Have you ever written your military man a love letter?

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  1. My husband used to leave love notes around the house for me to find. Now I try to write him a hand written letter 3 - 4 times a week (in addition to my 2 - 3 emails a day - they're short). Not all of them are gushy love letters, but at least he knows I'm thinking of him.