Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another good ol' Ninety-Six

After another amazing weekend, mine is still going on. Luckily, my schedule worked out that I don't work and I do not have class on Tuesdays. Therefore, my weekend that I do not want to end - is still happening. So I am taking full advantage of it, I made a creme-brulee flavored coffee, popped in season 3 of one tree hill, and for the next hour or so I plan on vegging out on the couch. Just until reality kicks in and I remember that I have to go to the library for some studying that I have been putting off since Friday. Oh - and that the fitness classes at our gym are starting back up, so I am going to take full advantage of those.

Anyways, back to my amazing weekend. Changed plans on Thursday & Bryan decided to come home instead of me traveling down to Jacksonville. As much as I love getting away from the "sticks" of Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, it is so nice to have Bryan come home into the lives that we used to live. It was so nice to wake up at home (my house in SRU) and going home to our parents houses and visiting with friends that we have not seen in ages. It is so much nicer to have him come home and jump right back into the swing of OUR lives, and let his escape for a little from his military life. He was supposed to get in on Friday around 830ish and we were going to out with some friends around town. Of course, Bryan has fantastic skills with directions and he ended up driving through Gettysburg which caused him to get home around 2am. Needless to say, dinner was cold and we didn't go out. But I wouldn't have had it any other way...because this is the way we do things. Fashionably Late & To The Extreme. On Saturday, once we finally woke up, I had a ton of studying to do & needed to go for a run. I love that when he is home I have a running buddy. So after literally bumming around all day long, we finally made some dinner with friends and cracked open a few bottles of wine. It was such a fun evening, and to finally have Bryan here being around my friends. We took his "slap the bag" Virginity. I love when I get to take my marine out to do college things that he may or may not ever get to experience. We all know marines like their alcohol, but they don't ever get the experience or play the games we all love so much.

Sunday was a day with the families. We went to the zoo with my family and had an amazing time. I love when Bryan gets to be around my family. My little sister is absolutely in love with him. They are adorable together, like baby sister and older brother. It makes me so happy how great and adorable he is with little kids! We then rushed over to visit with his family. We had a cookout and a little bonfire and I finally got to meet his little sister's boyfriend. Yes, they are only juniors in high school, but that is when Bryan and I started dating. So I see the potential and it makes me happy. We then went over to a friends and drank some Coke & Rum and Long Island IceTeas. We played cards and just hung out like we did when we were in high school. It was so nice to just be ourselves and forget about the lives that we actually are living. To bitch about life and complain about their fantasy football drafts and hear them say things about how much their friendships mean to each other. It was such a great night!

LABOR DAY! We got to spend the morning at Bryan's grandmothers and visit with his aunt and dad. We played cards - because that is what we always do. He has such a loving and accepting family and I feel so welcomed around them. Even when I sometimes see them once every 7 months or even when I see them every other weekend. We can still be close and amazing. We then went to dinner at my house. BBQ Chicken! My request of course. My favorite meal with some of my favorite people. We got to visit and hang out at my parents house - which by the way I miss being at all the time, since I am the only one who does not live there anymore. We then came back home and had a great night talking and just laughing about everything. Until at 4 am, when he had to leave and head back home to J'ville. The time where the right side of the bed got really cold. The time where I laid there awake, hoping he would turn around and head back to the house for one last kiss. But this is our lives - the lives we are choosing to live. So I deal with it, as we all do. So I hope all of you had the same amazing weekend that I got to have and you are looking forward to having another 96 and weekend away from life.

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