Monday, July 26, 2010

My Hero

Everyone of course has a hero. Most people probably look up to famous actresses or actors, famous politicians, or even superman. Mine is not an everyday typical hero. My marine is my hero. I do not tell him nearly enough and its horrible that I don't the more and more I think about it. He isn't a typical hero with superpowers and there are very few people like him in this world. He lives hundreds of miles from him family and friends on a normal day and visits rarely. He joined to straighten out his future, but on the day he left for boot camp he told me that he was going away to be "a superman." Which I know is cheesy, but it helps when I get lonely. He said the same thing last May when he got deployed as well. He gets so happy when he does things that makes a difference. Like this spring we went into my little sister's school to talk about being a marine, and just to see their faces was unforgettable. Especially when my 7 year old sister stood up and said, "This is Bryan. He is my hero." So me and my sister share our hero, which is totally okay with me. I know a lot of you are all spouses or the girlfriends of amazing heroes as well. So lucky to be us to have these incredible men or women in our lives that we get to be honored to know and plan the rest of our lives with. But I read this article this morning about how not all "military men" should be considered heroes and it kinda made me upset. I understand that there are some "not so great" guys out there, but all of these men and women enter the service to basically put their lives at risk and to keep us safe here at home, and they are not allowed to be considered heroes? I may not be looking at it in the way I should be, but to me I feel everyone who serves for their country and risks their lives to help others should be considered a hero. I wish that I could find the article again to share with you all. So if you all have a special hero story, please share it with us.

"A hero is a man who does what he can."
"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom"
Bob Dylan

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