Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Bucket List

Yesterday, as I worked my rare shift at Dick's Sporting Goods, I met another employee whose boyfriend was just deployed to Afghanistan. I felt her pain. He left only two weeks ago, she is getting ready to be a freshman at PITT and the summer that is going to change her life the most, he got deployed for at least nine months. So as we talked, which I might add, it was so wonderful to finally have someone so close to home in the same situation. Everyone is either married, getting married, having a kid, or just living around the base of there marine. Not to say that is not what I want, we are just in a different place in our lives, where somethings need to be done. Anyways, we talked about so much which was so great and as we kept talking it made me think about all of the things that I want to do in life. All of the things that I keep saying I am going to do and then blow them off for something else. So I decided for the first time, I am going to write down my "bucket list." Bryan and I continually say that we are going to do things, and we do, just usually not within the time I would have liked. For example, we just went to The Andy Warhol Museum last weekend after me wanting to go since high school. I should not complain though, we both are so busy, and the times that we do get to spend with each other, usually consists of visiting friends and family. Rarely having an actual day or weekend to ourselves. So I am purposing a "bucket list." Things that I want to do in my lifetime. Things that I always say I am going to do, but then in reality never actually do them.

My Bucket List

Make my own cookbook
Travel to Europe
Graduate College (undergraduate & graduate)
Get amazing engagement pictures
Plan the wedding of my dreams
Become 21 Successfully
Get Married
Travel to Australia
Adopt A Kid
Do @ least one mission trip a year
Lay in the middle of a cornfield & watch the stars
Have children
Live @ the beach
Make a difference in a stranger's life
Salsa Dance More Often
Become an Occupational Therapist
Get @ 2nd tattoo
Read the entire bible
Adopt a dog from a shelter
Take pictures as if I am a photographer

This is all I have for now, I am sure in 10 minutes I will come up with a ton more!

But until I have another minute,


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  1. This is great I have been wanting to do a bucket list post, I just haven't had the time to sit an think about it!