Sunday, July 18, 2010

Catching up with life.

I have been so insanely busy the past few weeks, I have barely had a chance to breathe. It has been camp after camp, after extra shifts at Dicks, many visits with friends, celebrating my 20th birthday, and seeing Bryan. Last week was my favorite camp of the summer. It was music camp. It is such a wonderful camp to be apart of. We are blessed to have so many different children who come from all different backgrounds and disabilities. I came here to help these children with what I know and in return they actually teach me way more then I could ever ask. This video was just something that our staff put together to send to the parents in preparation for the music concert that we had on Friday evening. It made me super excited to see that I was in it helping out my one camper! I know I look rough, but it was early in the AM and the last thing that anyone wants to do is to get up and look like a movie star.

The campers at the beginning of this video are both blind, the boy played with Stevie Wonder and just meeting them I was blessed and thankful for everything that I have. Helenka is from Poland, she is the one I am helping on the bells. She sang me Happy Birthday in Polish on my birthday, which coming from a Polish background was one of the coolest things that I could ever ask for. So all in all, even though it was my 20th birthday and I worked all day long. I cannot imagine spending my birthday any other way. As we keep growing up, everyone has full time jobs, lives farther away from each other at school, and to get everyone together during the week is almost impossible. So 2nd best thing was to work and have my life be blessed by these amazing kids. I know I only turned 20, but for once I actually feel older. If that makes any sense. I know it is such an in between age, but to say that I am no longer a teenager. 20 sounds like such a solid age.

As I lay here on the floor, with my Sonic Mocha JavaChiller in hand, I really start missing my love again. He just left about an hour ago, and has a 10 hour drive right into a long day of PT and work. I wish so badly that for once he could just stay home or that I could go with him, and that we would not have to always have this feeling every time we go back to living the lives without each other. I finally have a day off of work and it was great to spend the entire day, let alone weekend with Bryan.

We each got to choose a day. His day was Saturday. We made each other dinner and laid around all day watching movies and sitting on the front porch enjoying the amazing thunderstorms that Pennsylvania has. Although it drove me crazy to not be productive or actually do anything all day, it was still a wonderful day just being able to "hangout" at my house, that im still in the middle of moving into, and live a normal day. Today was my day! Of course, I got to do something for my birthday since he was unable to make it home during the week. We went to the Andy Warhol Museum that I have been wanted to go to for years, but have been waiting for a good time that Bryan could go with me. We went with a few other couples, which was so great since I never actually get to be apart of "normal couple" activities since Bryan on a typical day is 600 miles away from me. After a few hours in the museum, we went over to the Benedum and saw "The Producers." Joey Fatone was a star in it, and after meeting him this week and him talking about the show I really wanted to make it down to the city to see it. It was hilarious and for once I got to do things that is out of the usual for Bryan. He seemed to really enjoy himself though, and at first although he was doing it for me, I really loved after when he asked me if we could see shows on a regular basis.

So now I wait until I get to see him again at the end of August. I really wish it could be more often then that, but as of now this is how our lives are and this is how we are dealing with them. I have a busy rest of the summer until I get to see him, so it will fly by. I work all week and then double shifts at Dick's all weekend. Then camp for another two weeks, and then Haiti for a week! I am so excited and for the first time today, I felt scared that something could happen. I just need to trust in God though and everything is going to be fine. I am going with friends and am blessed to be able to go on such a trip!

Until I have another free minute,


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