Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hump Day

So as "hump day" comes and goes, I finally get a decent break from work and life and get to sit around and think about everything that has been going on in my life. Of course camp is the main event, as always. Today we went to The Miracle League Baseball Field in Cranberry. It is such an amazing place. It is a place for these kids to feel like they can do normal things and live a normal life. The Pirate Parrot showed up too. It was such a great day except for the blazing sun that gave me some nice farmers tan lines. Yet life seems to be going on. I am so amazed at how some of the other people act around here. We work at a camp for children with disabilities. Of course schedules will change and you may have to go a few extra hours unshowered then you planned. But once again, life goes on. I know that sometimes I may not be the best counselor, and that I may be too lenient and other times to strict. But I respect the campers and the other counselors. Today was the first time since this camp started that I have an a long enough break where I can actually relax and not just shower or change my clothing. I know its not ideal, but its something that I love to do! I love making an impact on these kids lives and I love helping them out in ways that no one else seems to be able to relate to them. Not to mention I am still 19 years old, a college student, my friends are all over the country growing up and taking classes, and the love of my life is over 600 miles away at any given moment. So for now, yes, during the summertime I am very content just being at camp and being overwhelmed with everything going on here at camp. Everyday is a new challenge and to me, nothing is better then a great challenge! I love trying to calm down a crazy kid with downs syndrome who will not listen to any one else, because when I do finally find a cure to what is going on. I know next time it will never be the exact same thing. Although we are being challenge with the difficulties of some of the campers, they are faced with so much more. Adversity, Physical Barriers, and everyday little things that we take for granted. They live such a harder life then we ever could imagine. This week I have a boys unit. They are so adorable, with disabilities ranging from Spina Bifida to Cerebral Palsy to Downs Syndrome. I am so blessed to have met every single one of them. They have had an amazing impact on my life and I know other around them.

Until I have another free minute,

Love Cee

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