Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's Official

B will most definitely be deploying this summer. Total bummer. Originally because how deployment fell, they were asking him to deploy and if he didn't extend then he wouldn't go. Easy enough - don't extend, don't go and get out 2 months early. Well that was in December, before his 20 day leave. He left on Wednesday to be back down to NC for Thursday AM. Thursday afternoon, orders are in. He is deploying and sending him home next December if he doesn't extend. REALLY? They could not find anyone else who could do his job the whole deployment. I understand he is manager of his shop and works his ass off, but they could bring another man aboard. Our luck, deployment is happening. Super bummed because he was supposed to be home for my 21st birthday and to celebrate the holidays next winter. Unfortunately, the marine corps had other plans for us and this is what we have to deal with. I shouldn't complain though. It could be worse. And as of the 6th of January, we now have less that one year left until he is done, done, and done! Then he will be moving back to Pittsburgh where we can finally start our lives TOGETHER.

I hope everyone has been having an amazing new year. I have been so busy with work and visiting with friends. I love being home but at the same time I cannot wait to go back to school next Saturday. Not to mention we have an extra long weekend because of the holiday on Monday (President's Day).

Tomorrow mom and I are making homemade pierogies! I cannot wait. I am so excited to do some real cooking and learn to make something that my grandmother and aunts used to make when they were younger. Bringing out the Polish side of me!

For all of you Britney Spears fans also --her new single comes out on Tuesday! WHAOOOO!

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