Thursday, December 16, 2010

Another Semester. DONZOOO!

In about 2 hours I will be done with my fall semester of junior year. One semester closer to graduating. One more semester closer to being a "real" grown-up. One more semester closer to B being home and out of the marine corp. I could not be more happy and thankful for everything that I have been through this semester. Working my butt off for good grades while juggling it between work, family, and my amazing friends. I am so excited to have a month off. I am so excited to see my family, friends, and B for a whole two weeks over the holiday!

Of course I start the weekend out great with working long shifts until Saturday night where I will be going to the Nutcracker in Pittsburgh with my mom and Riley and anxiously awaiting B's return back to PA. STEELER GAME on Sunday! A long week of double shifts, and then the WONDERFUL christmas holiday!


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