Monday, November 8, 2010

Growing up

I wish more than anything that I got to go to the ball. B's ball was last Thursday, I couldn't miss class again and because his unit is so small, the ball isn't even off base. It is on base and its not even nice (supposedly). However,  I still think it would have been neat to go, especially since it would have been the last chance for me to go since he will be deployed next fall before getting out.

B got to come home though this weekend. Every time he comes home I feel luckier and luckier to have such an amazing person to be such a huge part of my life. But every time he comes home, I just want him home for good. To think that he could be getting out in July, but we decided to do the last deployment (extending his contract) until March of 2012. UGH! Another deployment, but at the same time it will be best since I will be finishing up my undergrad. I just want him home for good. We have such a great time, and we get to visit family when he is home. haha I feel it is the only time I get to see family (other than my immediate family).

(yes this was Bryan more intoxicated than the BDAY girl)

We celebrated my friend's 21st birthday. It is so crazy to think we are all turning 21. Like we are grown-ups. And within the next year or so we will be out in the REAL world, or attempting to make it through grad school. Paying real bills and living real lives. I cannot wait! And to think that I get to do it all with B, is unimaginable! I am such a lucky girl. While he was home this weekend at dinner on Sunday, he asked my dad if it was okay if we were roommates when he gets out. Obviously my family is okay with it -just the fact that he asked was adorable. I love growing up and seeing the world as it actually is. Does that make sense? I love having obstacles that I must tackle to become successful. I love working hard for my dreams.

Oh and I finally got a client for my one job that might work out. I am super excited to meet with him and take on another challenge. So excited to see life falling into place! I just need to ace all of my Anatomy and Physiology tests and I will be good to go.

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