Friday, September 3, 2010

Survival of Junior Year

Well I survived the first week of Junior year, and already the first weekend is not what I planned it be. Since Sunday night before classes, I have been waiting for labor day weekend to arrive so that I could make another trip down to what basically is my second home - Jacksonville, North Carolina. However, Mother Nature had other plans for me. The hurricane was hitting and to drive down there only to be stuck in a hotel room all weekend while it rains. There already is not anything to do in that down, let alone when it rains. I was looking forward to going to the beach one last weekend, but plans change. Bryan is currently on his way home so at least I still get to see him!

Back to the school year though, I have two years left of undergrad. It is so crazy to see how quickly the time is flying by. Taking 300 and 400 level classes really makes me seem and feel grown up. I got graduate school information today too. Which really made me realize that within the next year I will be taking the GREs and applying to graduate school. Hopefully moving down to St. Augustine, FL for a few years to live and take the next step of both my educational and life career. As of now, the hopes and plans are that I get accepted into St. Augustine for Occupational Therapy for the Master's Program. Then once I graduate from there, I can go back and get my Doctorate while I am working. But life has its curves and twists, and things always come for now that is what I will plan on doing. And whatever life throws my way, I will suck it up and keep trucking alone - thats how I got this far anyways, isn't it?

I have one major thing to thank for all of this though. I would never in a million years think that this is what I would be thanking either - The USMC. Without Bryan being in the marines, I would have never had the self-determination and drive to do what I want in life. I would have never thought that something that has taken so much from me, has given me so much - motivation, inspiration, and desire. To know that I can always have more, and will always be able to do more as long as I keep dreaming. To know that the marines has made me fall in love with someone, so much harder then when we first met four years ago. So for all of you who are starting a new semester, or just a new beginning. Keep dreaming.

"The difference between impossible and possible lies in the person's determination" -Tommy Lasorda

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